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Tacky Costume Ideas That Work Every Halloween

Tacky Costume Ideas That Work Every Halloween

Every Halloween, we’re bombarded by tacky costumes. But you know what, some of them just work. Yes, they might be tacky, but you’ll be cool as a cucumber if you’re caught at any Halloween party wearing one of these. Here’s our list of the most lovable tacky costume ideas that make they’re way into Halloween every year. But what’s a costume with no party to go to too. Luckily, we have a plethora of super-fun costume parties across the map.

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Demon and/or Angel

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Oh, you’re a bad one aren’t you? The classic devil costume is a Halloween staple and one that haschanged enough over the years that plenty of stylish, cool variations exist for you to show that inner demon. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional red jumpsuit with horns. However, the red suit, black dress shirt combo is pretty classy, when done right.

On the other side, there’s the angel costume. We all know the standard white gown, halo, and wings routine. But in recent years there have been many interesting alterations and revisions to this standard Halloween costume. They range from minor things like a bright green or blue gowns to more drastic alterations like an all black “Angel of Death.”


Vampires are cool. Plain and simple. There was a couple of years when the Twilight franchise was taking over the vampire name, and made them lose the edge they once had as iconic horror fixtures. Thankfully, the series rightfully corrected when it was revealed that the supernatural characters were shapeshifters and not “traditional vampires” (don’t ask how we know so much about Twilight.)

Jokes aside, you really could dress any way you want and still be a vampire. All you really need are the fangs, some fake blood, and the…nope, really all you need are those two things.

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Mickey/Minnie Mouse

Talk about classics. Like many of the tacky costume ideas on this list, you can make this costume look great with varying degrees of attention to detail. There’s always the standard Mickey and Minnie costumes that you’ll find in Halloween stores. But you could also go the makeshift route and still come out looking pretty cool.

Think about this; throw on a Mickey Mouse snapback or beanie that have the famous ears, some red shorts, and yellow sneakers and it’ll still be a very good Mickey costume. You could even go the extra mile and buy the official Mickey hat from Disney’s website. As for Minnie, all you really need is a polka dot dress and a bow and pretty much everyone will catch the drift.

Clark Kent Tacky Costume Ideas

Think your Superman costume is cool? Well your underwear is on backwards so HA! If you want to dress like a superhero, without really having to really dress like a superhero, this is the go-to costume. This costume idea has been reworked with Spider-Man, but while we love the wall-crawler, we’re gonna have to give it supes’ on this one.

Why is this costume so popular? We’ve deduced two reasons. One, it’s a really easy costume to do. Since all you really have to do is buy a Superman t-shirt and put it under a light colored button up. And two, it was probably very original at one time, and a unique spin on being a superhero for Halloween.

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80’s GymnastTacky costume ideas

We’re not exactly sure why this is one of the most popular tacky costume ideas. All we know is that it is. Like, just what exactly is the fascination with 80’s gymnast? Did Richard Simmons really have an impact on the culture that hard? Apparently so, because every year you’ll see a whole group of people sporting neon bright workout clothes with leg warmers a Halloween party.

Black Cat

One of the easiest tacky costume ideas to pull off is the black cat costume. Every girl in the galaxy has done this costume at least once in their lifetime. And guys are no stranger to this classic costume either. Nevertheless, you’re bound to see more than a handful of cats at any Halloween party.

There are varying degrees of effort you can put, none of which actually make the costume “working better,” because even if you’re wearing all black attire and the cat ears and simple facepaint; your cat costume will be just as good as someone with a full body cat costume with realistic fur and detailed prosthetics. 


Now, the “nerd” costume, and we put “nerd” in parentheses because no self-respecting nerd actually dresses in suspenders, shorts, and white button-ups. It’s almost not even a costume since people now dress “nerdy” as a fashion statement. However, you could stretch this concept and be a more “modern” nerd a-la Chris Hardwick, Put on a blazer, a comic book t-shirt, and some jeans and you may be on to something.

Or, you could go the other route and dress up as one of the many nerd sub-groups like Trekkies, Otaku’sfans of Rush, etc.

Marilyn Monroe 

The one, the only, Ms. Marilyn Monroe. It’s hard to think of another “classical” Hollywood lady as popular as her. Maybe Audrey Hepburn? Anyway, Ms. Monroe will make an appearance at almost every Halloween party. The main Monroe costumes are based on her appearance in The Seven Year Itch where she wore the iconic white dress.

Waldotacky costume ideas

You know, there’s a secret to finding Waldo easily. Just go to any Halloween party and you’ll find him…and a couple of other Waldos. You pretty much get this one, red and white striped shirt and beanie, add some blue jeans and glasses and there you have it; the perfect Waldo costume.

Michael Jackson in Thriller

Red leather jacket? Check. Red pants? Check. Black shoes? Check. Curly-haired wig? Check. Thriller might just be the best music video ever produced. The fact that this costume makes its way into every Halloween party across the globe is enough proof to back up that statement. If you fancy yourself a true MJ fan and decide to go for the Thriller costume this year, please do it right.  

And by that we mean stay true to the video, don’t just mix and match other outfits Michael Jackson wore in different videos and call yourself thriller. We’ll make this simple for you; red jacket with black pants is Beat-It, the sparkle-y suit jacket with the equally sparkle-y glove is from his live Billie Jean performance where we first saw him do the moonwalk.

Hope you had fun reading about our favorite classic tacky costumes. Now we want to know what’s your favorite tacky Halloween costume? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!